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The Cyprus Company Registry is a term by which we mean that a Cyprus Company has been  filed in a register at the Cyprus Companies House, where all companies incorporated can be found. The Cyprus Company Registry can be accessed by any member of the public who can view and take notes of all documents filed in a Cyprus Company`s file on payment of a small fee to the Registrar of Companies.

The Cyprus Company Registry is Kept By the Cyprus Registrar

The Cyprus Company Registry is of course kept meticulously by the Cyprus Registrar of Companies and updated daily, so that everyone interested can make a search of the Cyprus Company Registry, in order to safeguard against any dangers when dealing with any Cyprus Company.  In the Cyprus Company Registry, one can find in the particular company’s file all the information of the financial status of every Cyprus Company such as financial statements, mortgages on property belonging to the company, loans from banks, bonds issued, debentures sold, floating charges and much more. The Registrar of Cyprus Companies can on the application of any person allow him to inspect and make notes of any file of a Cyprus Company.

One can  also find in the Cyprus Company`s file all  changes in the structure of the company, such as the company name, the number of the shareholders, the number or the directors, an increase of decrease of the Cyprus Company`s capital which is crucial sometimes for anyone interested to make any deal with a Cyprus Company, or any changes to the Memorandum or Articles of Association which again may render any deal with a Cyprus Company ultra vires or void or illegal.

09 December 2013